What are the Patriot Angels?

Imagine if your pillow is a rock and your bed is the hard desert ground.

What would you do if you couldn’t take a shower for weeks at a time?

Where would you prepare your meal if you had no kitchen?

How would you manage with no personal comforts like deodorant, tooth paste and toilet paper?

These are just a few of the reasons why we do what we do. And, what we do is support our deployed military troops by packing and shipping boxes monthly of necessities, food, snacks, goodies, along with letters, magazines, newspapers and a few comforts from home.

There is a big gap on what our government supply lines manage to deliver and what our hard working dedicated soldiers really truly need.

Whether you agree with our current policies of deploying soldiers or not, we owe it to our deployed soldiers to let them know we care and appreciate their sacrifices.

How we do this is through fundraising and our annual event of gratitude to our military. 2016 marks our sixth year for this wonderful event where we show our gratitude to all our military personnel and their families. It is a free event for them where they can enjoy a day of good food, music, face painting and other activities. We also have special guests.

During this event we ask that everyone bring items for our care packages. We have an area where we take in the donations and actually pack boxes at the event so everyone who attends can see their donations in action. We also have a letter writing area for anyone who wants to write a letter to a deployed soldier can do so and we will include a letter or two in each box mailed. It’s truly a fun filled, heartwarming day for everyone who attends!